Natural Bone Health Program: Rebuild Strong, Healthy Bones Naturally


While bone loss is normal after age 30 with the rate of bone loss higher than the rate of healthy new bone growth, there’s more cause for concern for women in the ten years around menopause if bone loss is markedly high or significantly progressive. Fortunately, Cheryl Berkowitz offers a natural bone health program that can restore bone health.

Your personal bone health consultation and support program reviews the factors that contribute to bone loss, and we talk about these, taking into consideration your health history, current diet and lifestyle. Supporting what truly constitutes bone health, Cheryl provides nutritional and lifestyle strategies for preserving or restoring bone health, preventing or reversing osteopenia and osteoporosis.

While traditional Western medicine acknowledges the problem with a range of medicines, these can have negative side effects. Cheryl knows viable natural alternatives to Fosomax, Actonel and the other bisphosphonate medications frequently prescribed.

Prevent or Reverse Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

Causes of Bone Loss and the Solution

Unprecedented stress, nutrient imbalances, endocrine imbalances, compromised digestion, commonly prescribed medications and environmental toxins of modern life can deplete our bone reserves, resulting in a diagnosis of osteopenia or osteoporosis.

In most cases, a diet rich in alkalinizing whole foods, the right balance of protein, healthy essential fats, minerals and micro-nutrients coupled with a few choice bone building supplements and the right physical activity, will successfully restore bone health. Underlying causes must be considered and addressed when appropriate.

Whether you want to maintain healthy bones or are already diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis, your bone health can be preserved or restored and you can have strong, healthy bones that last a lifetime, naturally!

Let’s work together to create your unique path to a bone-healthy way of life!

Your personal program looks at:

  • What constitutes bone health
  • DEXA-scan and other diagnostics
  • Calcium’s role
  • Vitamin D and other co-factors necessary for bone health
  • Viable alternatives to Fosomax, Actonel, Boniva and Reclast, the bisphosphonate medications frequently prescribed for osteopenia and osteoporosis and now associated by the FDA and American Academy of Periodontology with spontaneous femur fracture and osteonecrosis of the jaw.
  • Key nutritional and lifestyle strategies to preserve or restore bone health
  • Other strategies to improve bone health